Comcast Launches Xfinity Home Control Services, Municipal WiFi on the Horizon

Look out, ADT and Vivint. Comcast is getting into the home security and control business, and it’s hitting the ground running, thanks to its Xfinity services. The new Xfinity Home Control provides remote access to your thermostat and lighting, not to mention video monitoring you can view from afar. Given the company’s position as a cable and Internet provider, it makes sense that Comcast would move into other home-related services that play off its strengths and technologies.

Comcast Xfinity Home Control Pad
Comcast is kicking off its Xfinity Home Control service with a $99.95 starter kit that includes equipment. The service starts at $9.95. The EcoSaver service is also available for users looking to reduce their energy bills, according to Comcast. The cloud-based service analyzes activity patterns in the house to determine appropriate temperatures for the home.

Comcast also pointed out that its WiFi network is expanding breakneck pace. What makes the CableWiFi service interesting is that customers of participating providers can use the WiFi hotspots in other cities while traveling. For example, you can access hotspots in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., among others.