Comcast Gives Xfinity Cable Internet Customers A Free Speed Boost To 150Mbps

Comcast earlier this summer announced that some of its Xfinity customers living in the Northeast would see a bump in their broadband Internet speeds at no additional cost, and we can confirm that to be true. As promised, Comcast turned the dial from 105Mbps to 150Mbps at our headquarters in Massachusetts.

"We continue to increase our speeds because we know faster Internet and Wi-Fi means you can do more, enjoy more and move along with your day with a bit more ease. So, go ahead – reboot your modem to enjoy your new Blast! Internet with downstream speeds up to 150Mbps," Comcast stated in an email alerting us to the speed boost.

Comcast Xfinity Van

The speed increase applies to Xfinity users who subscribe to Comcast's Blast tier. It's the second boost in a year -- Comcast increased its broadband data speed for Blast subscribers from 50Mbps to 105Mbps in 2014.

While nowhere near the 2Gbps speed that Comcast offers through its Gigabit Pro fiber network in select areas, it's always welcome when an ISP increases broadband speeds at no additional cost.

On the flip side, Comcast enforces data caps in some regions. A parody account on Twitter called Cable Cares recently asked Comcast's VP of Internet Service a serious question, that being why the company's caps are so low compared to the speeds they're being sold at. Cable Cares also pointed out that it only takes around 6 hours to hit a 300GB cap at 100Mbps.

Livingood said he had "no idea" and insinuated that it's strictly a business decision rather than having anything to do with Comcast's technical capabilities.