Comcast Encourages User-Generated Live Streaming To TVs With Updated Xfinity App

With the failed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger firmly behind it, Comcast gave its customers a digital treat. But whether you see it that way will depend a lot on what Comcast services you and your family or friends use.

The new Xfinity Share app is meant to let people record photos or video with their phone and stream them to a TV. More importantly, the app lets you stream live video to the TV over the Internet. (It can’t be long until this feature finds its way in to a horror movie.)

Image credit: Comcast

“We’re giving our customers the power to share special moments in their lives as they happen,” said Comcast Vice President of Communications Patti Loyack in a statement. “Whether a child’s baseball game, a graduation or just a beautiful sunset, Share lets users broadcast whatever they see in real time to the biggest screen in the home.”

When is that worthwhile? Loyack has a pretty good example. “So now a grandmother in San Francisco can watch along on her TV at the exact moment her grandson in Philadelphia blows out his birthday candles,” she said.

That’s a great image, but Grandma is going to need to have Xfinity Triple Play and an X1 DVR-capable set-top box – and so will you. Still, if you have an Android or iOS smartphone and the necessary Xfinity gear, this could be a cool way to share experiences.