Comcast Cloud X1 DVR Can Stream Your Favorite Recorded Shows On Any Connected Device

Good news for Comcast customers who have to travel a lot of live with someone who hogs the TV. Comcast has announced that it is rolling out its X1 DVR with cloud technology with the purpose of making it easier for customers to keep up with their shows.

The X1 DVR comes with some new features that includes the ability to stream recordings to mobile devices and computers through the Xfinity TV app or Xfinity TV website. Users will also be able to download recorded shows and movies to their mobile device whenever they are connected to the internet.

"These new features give our customers more flexibility for watching their favorite shows and movies in and out of their home," said Comcast general manager of video services Matt Strauss. "Now, any screen in the house can become a personal TV, and recorded programs can be accessed anytime, anywhere."

Unfortunately the X1 DVR cloud technology is only available in select locations. Comcast customers living in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Houston, and the San Francisco Bay Area are the only ones who have access to it so far. However, Comcast expects most of its X1 customers will have access to the features by the end of the year.