Colorful B150 Motherboard Integrates Onboard GeForce GTX 1070

Building your own computer can be an extremely satisfying experience, but that doesn't mean that anyone has to shrug off potential improvements that would make that experience even smoother, right? Have you ever wanted to, for example, make the motherboard and graphics card into a single unit? If you didn't, the folks at Colorful did, and the result is one of the least colorful motherboards out there, the B150-GP104:

Colorful B150 GP104

To accommodate such a powerful graphics card into a motherboard design, Colorful had to make some obvious tweaks to the overall design. Gone are full-sized PCIe slots, for example. Instead, it looks like there are dual M.2 slots instead, which could be used for SSDs or Wi-Fi modules.

Because the top-half of the motherboard is really crammed, Colorful adopted SO-DIMM memory slots rather than full-sized ones. What does seem to be missing from the board is a power connector for the graphics card, so it could be that some other primary source of power will fuel the entire board, GPU included.

What's the point of this motherboard really? It's hard to say. There could be some chassis vendor that hasn't unveiled a design that could fit this kind of board. The official launch date for the GTX 1070 is June 10, so maybe we'll hear more on that date? If not, it could be that Colorful just wanted to make this design because it could, and there wouldn't be anything wrong with that.

Could you guys imagine using a motherboard like this?