Refreshed Apple MacBook Pro Rocking Coffee Lake CPU Turns Up On Geekbench

One of the things that was rumored early on to turn up at Apple's WWDC last month were refreshed MacBooks running Intel Coffee Lake processors. Those refreshed Macs didn’t happen leaving many Apple fans disappointed. Now, however, a new MacBook Pro model with an Intel Coffee Lake processor has turned up on Geekbench giving Mac fans hope that refreshed hardware is coming.

macbook pro 2

The Geekbench entry was logged this week and lists a "MacBook Pro 15,2" model notebook that packs inside an Intel Core i7-8559U processor. That CPU is a 28W part with a 2.7GHz base frequency. The turbo frequency for the chip is 4.5GHz.

macbook pro genius

Other specs called out in the benchmark results include 16GB of LPDDR3 RAM running at 2133 MHz, this is the same RAM used in current MacBooks. Rumors have pointed to MacBooks that support LPDDR4 RAM but that faster and more power efficient RAM is nowhere to be seen in these results. Moving to that new RAM could allow Apple to cram 32GB inside the MacBook. As for the benchmark results, the single core score for this machine was 4448 and the multi-core score was 16607.

geekbench mbp

The multi-core score is higher than the 2017 model of the machine that hit 9500 on multicore, but the single core performance is down a bit. The model number called out points to this machine being a 13-inch MacBook, assuming the entire thing isn’t faked.