Here's When You Can Get In On The CoD: Modern Warfare Reboot Beta

Call of Duty fans know that the rebooted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game is set to launch on October 25th. The devs had an alpha for gamers to try out that ended on August 25th, and now the beta schedule for Modern Warfare has been announced, and it kicks off today for some players.

cod mw

If you preordered CoD: Modern Warfare on the PS4, you can get in on the beta today starting at 1 pm ET and can play through tomorrow. That is two days earlier than the open beta on the PS4 that starts September 14th and runs through the 16th. PC gamers and Xbox One players who preordered will get access to the beta starting on September 19-20; the open beta kicks off for all platforms on September 21-23.

Gamers wanting to preorder can do so still and get early access to the beta. To sweeten the pot, fans who are Amazon Prime members can get a $10 credit on their preorder via Amazon. Remember the beta that is going on today and the next few days is for PS4 gamers only.

In addition to getting in on the beta early, and the $10 discount for Prime members, preordering via Amazon also gets you Captain John Price as a special playable character in CoD Blackout mode. 

The alpha trial did get some feedback from gamers that may get changed. One was a request to remove the black and white screen seen when players are injured. Audio fixes were also promised after the alpha ended. Players had even complained that their footsteps were very loud, and those of the enemy were very quiet.