CNN Can Breath Easy

The proposed cyber-attack against CNN has been called off, but it probably just goes to prove their initial point regarding basic rights issues such as freedom of speech & freedom of the press.  If you haven't followed the story up until now, here's a little background:

"Pro-China hackers had called for the attack in protest of the news network's coverage of Tibet, which they believe has been overly critical of China.  Participants had been instructed to flood CNN's Web site with Internet traffic in hopes of knocking it offline, something known as a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack."

Some hackers even jumped the gun and started a little early. The net result was that CNN's web site was temporarily unavailable for short intervals of time in what is being reported as very remote areas of Asia.  A full scale attack might have had a grander effect on availability, but it would have be surprising if it changed CNN's stance or tone in any dramatic way.

The only thing that did come as a surprise was that there were such a thing as pro-China hackers.  Could these be the same hackers as the ones the Chinese government allegedly employs to try an attack various U.S. military databases?
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