Clevo X270 Gaming Laptop Rocking Intel Arc Alchemist A770M Discrete GPU Breaks Cover

hero clevo x270 laptop
Intel's Arc discrete GPUs are getting very real. They exist, and they're already out there in laptops—and not just in Korea, either. Heck, Dave even tested one just recently. Of course, all we've seen so far are the lower-end models, so everyone's curious to see what the higher-end Arc GPUs can actually do.

Well, it shouldn't be too much longer now, at least for the laptop version. Laptop OEM Clevo, who supplies white-box laptops to companies like Eurocom, Sager, Schenker, and many other companies, has put up a video on its little-known YouTube channel—with ten subscribers—advertising its new X270 laptop. See for yourself, because the video kind-of has to be seen to be believed:

In the surprisingly (and charmingly) simple video, Clevo bills the X270 as the first gaming laptop with an Intel GPU. That's debatable—we found that the entry-level Arc A370M in an MSI laptop was reasonably capable, as long as you kept the resolution and IQ settings modest. Still, the A770M GPU in the X270 is undoubtedly much faster than its little brother, and we can't wait to get our hands on one.

The real questions are when this machine will appear on store shelves, and how much it will cost. As for price, well, it won't be cheap. Aside from the speedy Alder Lake-H CPU and high-end Arc graphics, the Clevo X270 also boasts liquid metal TIM for the CPU, a 17.3" mini-LED display, and a gigantic 99-Wh battery. As for the former question, we expect to see rebadged X270s sooner than later; Intel said "early Summer" for the mobile Arc rollout.