Classic Giveaway: Electronic Arts Offers 'Wing Commander III: Heart Of The Tiger' For Free On Origin

Electronic Arts has been in a giving mood lately. After discontinuing support for The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection last month, the publisher decided to give the game away at no cost through its Origin digital distribution service. And through its On-The-House program, EA has temporarily removed the price tags from several games, such as Peggle and Battlefield 3. Now Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger is up for grabs.

Like previous titles that appeared on EA's On-The-House program, this one can disappear at any time, so pounce quickly if you want relive those awful cut scenes that we thought were the cat's meow back in the day. Once you claim the game, it's yours to keep until the end of time

Wing Commander 3 Cockpit

Other than having to go through Origin, there's no catch. This is EA's way of helping gamers "see what Origin is all about." In this case, it's only a $5 title, but hey, that's a Starbucks coffee, right? It's also a chance to relive those tense intergalactic firefights from the 1990s that put your 486 DX2/66 to the test.

Wing Commander III made was fairly liberal with full motion video, which it used as a way to showcase big name actors such as Mark Hamill (from Star Wars fame) and Malcom McDowell, to name just two.

Wing Commander 3

Relive a part of history (and your youth) by going here and grabbing your copy. Set a bookmark while you're at it and check back for future titles.