Cisco Launches First Flip Video Camcorder With Internal LCD: Flip SlideHD

It still seems kind of unusual to think that Cisco now owns a camcorder company, but this week the company introduced the newest in the Flip Video line, the Flip SlideHD. It's certainly an all-new take on the pocket camcorder form factor, as it looks more like a Motorola Backflip than a typical pistol-grip camera.

This new camcorder allows for up to 4 hours of HD video to be captured (or 12 hours of SD content), and rather than making users offload it to a PC before viewing, the SlideHD has an internal 3" LCD that allows for instant playback. It's also a touch panel, so navigating through menus should be easy as well. Also, it's loaded with the same FlipShare software that comes on the other Flip devices, which makes uploading videos to social networks and the like quite simple.

It's available right now for $279.99, which is definitely approaching "real camcorder" territory. Will the added screen convince you to buy in, or is this still too rich for your blood?

Flip SlideHD Product Specifications:

  • Color: White/Silver and Personalized
  • Recording Time:  Up to four hours
  • Storage Time: Up to 12 Hours
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Screen: 3-inch wide transflective touch screen
  • Video Resolution: High Definition; 1280x720 (30fps)
  • Video Format: H.264, MP4
  • Battery: Internal Li-ion rechargeable
  • Battery Life: Up to two hours
  • TV Output: HDMI Widescreen
  • Zoom:  2x digital
  • Audio: Stereo speakers, headset jack