Here’s CISA's List Of Free Cybersecurity Tools And A Security Checklist Everyone Should Know

cisa publishes free cybersecurity tools and resources
This week, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published a “Free Cybersecurity Services and Tools” webpage outlining what can be done for security incidents, intrusions, preparation, and resilience against cyberattacks. This is intended to be a “one-stop resource where organizations of all sizes can find free public and private sector resources to reduce their cybersecurity risk.”

Cyberspace is the new frontier domain of warfare, and every U.S organization is at risk as countries, and threat actors around the world wish to disrupt commerce and impact public safety. However, the barrier to entry in executing a cyberattack is lowering, and companies are becoming more complacent in their security efforts. Subsequently, CISA is publishing these tools as part of an advisory which outlines ways to protect and defend against cyberthreats by the following means:
  • Reducing the likelihood of a damaging cyber incident
  • Detecting malicious activity quickly
  • Responding effectively to confirmed incidents; and
  • Maximizing resilience
cisa security checklist
You can check the full advisory document, here (PDF). In addition, with this announcement, CISA Director Jen Easterly explained that “Many organizations, both public and private, are target rich and resource poor.” Thus, the hope is that “the resources on this list will help such organizations improve their security posture, which is particularly critical in the current heightened threat environment.” In addition to this, CISA urged organizations to take further steps to build a foundational cybersecurity program, such as implementing multi-factor authentication and stopping bad practices, among other solutions.

free cisa publishes free cybersecurity tools and resources

As time goes on, it is expected that this list of free tools and resources will grow, as CISA describes this as a “living repository.” In any event, hopefully, this guidance and toolset will help to harden American organizations against security threats but let us know what you think of this in the comments below.