Chromium-Driven 'Opera Next' Browser Now Available For Windows and Mac

The Opera browser has been a beloved alternative in the web browser market, although statistically speaking it’s been an also-ran in terms of market share. The company is working to change that with its latest Opera browser release, Opera Next 15.

This version of Opera is a major one, as instead of tweaking the existing version the team built it from scratch, this time using the Chromium engine, which is an effort to embrace more web standards and higher performance.

Opera Next 15
Speed Dial

In addition to a new look, new features include Speed Dial, which is a shortcut tool that lets users organize their favorites into folders, as well as Discover, which is designed to bring you “a selection of relevant global and regional sources to discover web content more easily” without you having to browse. There’s also a nifty Stash feature that lets you gather up web pages you want to compare with one another in one place to evaluate later; this is ideal for when you’re doing research or learning about something online and you want to sort of collect your data sources into one place before you go about sifting through it all.

Opera Next 15

Just like Google’s Chrome browser, Opera Next 15’s address bar doubles as a search bar. One other notable change is that Opera is moving its internal email client M2 into its own product, which should be interesting to peek at when it comes out.

Opera Next 15

Opera Next 15 is available for download on both Mac and PC platforms now.