Google Chrome’s Tab Groups Feature Leaks, Promises To Declutter Your Browser

I’ll Chrome might be the most popular browser out there, but it still has issues that fans want resolved. Google has been working on resolving many of the big complaints that Chrome users have with features like the Never-Slow mode that aims to cut back on the resources that Chrome is notorious for hogging. Google also added a caching feature for Chrome this year that aims to make browsing faster.

chrome groups

Another new feature that Google is working on has surfaced, and this one aims to make the browser much cleaner looking for those who tend to surf with lots of tabs open. The feature is called Tab Groups, and it organizes tabs into multiple groups to make them easier to find and work with. As the current version of Chrome works, you can open as many tabs as you want, but once you reach a certain number of tabs the text on the tab is unreadable, meaning you end up clicking on a bunch of tabs to find the one you want.

While it's not clear exactly how the tabs are grouped with the new feature, it appears that the tabs are grouped according to topic. This feature is far from completed and ready to roll out; in fact, the current Chrome Canary browser doesn't have the new Tab Groups interface by default. You can try the new interface with the latest version of Chrome Canary by going to the chrome://flags page and enabling the Tab Groups option. Interestingly, Firefox had a similar feature that was removed due to low usage among Firefox users.