Chrome for Android is Finally Here, for ICS Only

Today is a good day for Android users with devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, and a great day for Android users who prefer the Chrome web browser for their desktop browsers. Google announced Chrome for Android today, and of course, it’s technically in beta.

The current default Android browser is fine, but it’s nothing special, so that alone is reason to download Chrome from the Android Market right away.

However, Chrome for Android brings not just a slightly better browsing experience on Android devices, but a significant change in the way Android users interact with their devices. As expected, it’s designed to be fast and simple to use, with mobile-optimized tabs (which sound perfect for tablet browsing) and easier-to-click links, but that’s really just part of the story.

Chrome for Android unifies the Chrome experience across desktop and mobile devices with seamless sign in, which means that your bookmarks, favorites, and autocomplete suggestions come with you. Further, if you leave a tab open on your computer, you can whip out your smartphone or tablet and pick up where you left off. That’s far, far better than the old Chrome to Phone app.

The blog post wasn’t exactly clear about how or if your Chrome Web store will work with Chrome for Android, but it’s possible that this new browser could effectively bring Chrome OS-like functionality to your mobile device.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade to a device with ICS, this is it.