A Handy Download Scheduler Is Coming To Google Chrome For Android

chrome logos stack

The most popular web browser around is Google Chrome, and lots of Android users who prefer the browser will be glad to hear the latest news about a new feature. A report indicates that Chrome Canary for Android will get a scheduler feature for downloads. This will allow users to schedule a download to happen when they aren't using their device in the middle of the night or any other time of their choosing.

The new feature is called "download later" and offers a download dialog that allows users to choose a specific date and time in the future. The image seen below shows what the interface would look like and provides options to download now, when on Wi-Fi, and an option to pick a date and time.

chrome screens

When the user chooses "pick date and time," a calendar and a clock are displayed on the following screens. Users can pick a date and time down to the exact minute they want the download to start. The feature can be enabled on the latest version of Chrome Canary by enabling an experimental flag called "Enable Download Later" that is available in chrome://flags.

The screenshots show an option to set the choice made as default and not ask again in the future. Users can go into the Downloads page inside the Chrome browser and see a "Scheduled for later" tab that will let them manage pending and future downloads. As with all Chrome Canary features, there is no guarantee that the download later feature will make it to a stable version of Chrome.

In other Chrome browser news, a new beta feature landed for Chrome 86 that could help extend the battery life on laptops by hours by killing unnecessary tasks running in the background.