Cheap MP3 Player, Or Expensive Mix Tape?

Creative is out with an inexpensive, tiny MP3 player. They call it the ZEN Stone. Its 1 GB of storage will hold about 250 songs, unless you're into Wagner, and the $39.99 price has Creative executives dreaming of customers buying a handful of them.
"The Creative ZEN Stone, at just $39.99, opens up a huge new market for MP3 players," said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative. "This is an incredible price for everyone to get a superior quality MP3 player capable of holding up to 250 songs. Whether it's your only player or a second player to take with you anywhere, the low price lets you think of MP3 players in a whole new way. You can loan it to a friend just like you would a CD or a mix tape and not have to worry about it, but you'll like it so much that you'll want another, so you always have one with you."
Your $39.99 MP3 player can hold  $247.50 worth of music now. No wonder the RIAA can't stop illegal downloads.