Chaintech SK8T800, ATI TV Wonder USB and More

Judging by the amount of "you have mail" notifications I have received over the past few hours, I think it is time for another shot of juice.  So, run over to the water cooler, grab a cold drink and shut the cubical door.  It is time for round two...

 Chaintech SK8T800 Review @ AMD Zone

"Well the big plus of the Chaintech is of course the low price.  Stability of the board was also good, and you get SATA RAID, 5.1 channel audio, and built in Ethernet as a part of the package.  You wouldn't see those options at this price point a year ago."

 ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 Review @ Beyond3D

"Internally the we can clearly see TV Wonder USB 2.0 uses the large Philips analogue Tuner "can" which was previously used on most of ATI's All-In-Wonder products, among other applications, which is obviously the main contributor to the size of the unit. Another component that is familiar from recent All-In-Wonder boards is the Theater 200 chip."

 PowerColor X800 PRO Limited Assassin Edition @ Bjorn3D

"Around two weeks ago we've looked at PowerColor RADEON 9800 Platinum Edition -- a mainstream video card based on ATI's R360 ASIC. What you will find on our review bench today is a high-end PowerColor X800 Pro Limited Assassin Edition from Tul. Tul Corporation is a Tier-1 provider of ATI-based graphic cards. The company is also a leader in providing motherboards and barebone systems. Be sure to check out our PowerColor A350A-VF IGP 9100 motherboard review as well."

 DDR vs. DDR-2 – What are we to make of it all? @ TweakTown

"Today we have posted an article for you which investigates the current state of DDR vs. DDR-2 memory in the industry. We have included in-depth information about what is different about the two technologies, possible adoption problems for AMD with Athlon 64 and benchmarks comparing both on an MSI motherboard which supports both memory standards. If you're wondering what we are to make of it all... Read on!"

 Swiftech MCX6400-V @ Legion Hardware

"The Swiftech MCX6400-V is without doubt one of the best heatsinks to be ever tested here at Legion Hardware. There are just so many aspects of this heatsink that set it ahead of the rest. Obviously the performance of the MCX6400-V was more than acceptable, keeping the Athlon64 processor cool under the most stressful conditions. However, it was this heatsinks ability to operate with almost silence that has sold me."

 GeIL Ultra Platinum PC3200 Memory Review @ PCStats

"In this review PCstats is testing something a little more mainstream, but no less interesting; a pair of GeIL's Ultra Platinum PC3200 512MB DDR RAM DIMM's. Each DDR memory module has a liquid crystal thermal monitoring sticker attached, which shows the temperature in both Celsius and Farenheit. Each stick of Ultra Platinum PC3200 DDR is rated to run at 200 MHz, while keeping memory timings of 2-2-2-5 at a voltage of just 2.55V. To help protect the memory from physical damage, tin coated copper heatspreaders are utilized."

Time to get back to the test bench.  See you in a few hours :) - Cheers

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