CES Video Coverage

PC Perspective has teamed with FileShack and has posted some video coverage of CES 2006. There are still the usual pictures and editorial comments we're accustomed to, though the videos certainly give those who have never attended CES a better idea of the total experience. Once you've seen the videos, be sure to see what our own Marco thought of CES in his photo report posted earlier today.

To go along with the standard images taken of the various items at the CES booths, I brought along a Sony HDR-HC1 camcorder that records in 1080i HD video. The thinking on this new coverage option is that users might like to see the trade shows in their "live" format and that we can show more angles and items on video than we could with stills. There are a few of short comings in our first iteration including video size, editing capabilities and voiceovers.
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