Censored "Manhunt 2" Content Unlocked by Hackers

Call it "Hot Coffee" take two, for Take Two games.  You may recall the "Hot Coffee" mod that exposed, er. sexual content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?  This isn't quite as successful, but some of the AO content that was hidden rather than removed from Manhunt 2 has been unlocked.

In "Manhunt 2," the player takes the role of a man who escapes from an insane asylum and goes on a killing spree.

Take-Two edited parts of the game, including blurring some of the most gruesome killing scenes, to get the less restrictive rating.

Hackers defeated that blurring on the version of the game for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Portable. The game is also available for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii systems, and those versions do not appear to have been hacked.

The hack does not roll back all the changes that enabled the game to qualify for the "Mature" rating, and it requires some technical expertise and a PSP unit that is itself hacked to accept modified software.

This was earlier reported by some smaller sites and blogs.  Now that it's hit the MSM, expect a big flap to come!