Cascading Style Sheets Made Me Do It , Your Honor

eeTimes has a fascinating look at whether bad web pages are bad for your physical and mental health. It seems that if the internet was a Post Office, poorly designed web pages would have us all "going postal." Or having "Mouse Rage Syndrome," anyway.

What's the root cause of Mouse Rage Syndrome? It's primarily caused by badly designed and hosted Web sites, according to the research center. All Web surfers are familiar with the causes: slow-loading pages, layouts that are difficult to navigate, pesky pop-ups, and unnecessary ads, including banners. And, of course, the killer cause: site unavailability. "The test results indicate that users want Google-style speed, function, and accuracy from all of the Web sites they visit, and they want it now," according to the SIRC report. "Unfortunately, many Web sites and their servers cannot deliver this."
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