Canon's MS-500 Security Camera Records Color Video In The Dark And From Miles Away

hero canon ms 500 camera
Canon has launched its ultra-high-sensitivity interchangeable-lens camera, equipped with the world's highest pixel count on its Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) sensor. The MS-500 was first announced in April of this year, and the company recently showed off a working sample at NAB 2023.

When someone imagines what security camera footage looks like, they probably think about grainy shots from a local convenience store, or what appears on their own home security system. However, when it comes to places that require extremely high-security levels, such as seaports, government buildings, or national borders, the ability to be able to surveil targets in high detail both night and day is an absolute must. This is where cameras like the Canon MS-500 come in. When it is combined with an ultra-telephoto broadcast lens, it is able to capture clear color videos of subjects at a distance of several miles, even in the dark of night.

Canon's SPAD sensor utilizes a technology known as "photon counting." This tech counts light particles (photons) that enter a pixel, according to a press release by Canon. As incoming photons are converted to an electric charge, they are then amplified about one million times and then extracted as digital signals. This allows the sensor to detect even the smallest amounts of light. It also takes advantage of being able to digitally count every single photon captured, in turn prohibiting the introduction of additional noise during a readout.

The MS-500 also uses a Custom Picture preset mode, called CrispImg2, that optimizes resolution and contrast while suppressing image noise, and is a standard setting in the custom picture menu. Users are also able to create their own custom picture profiles, allowing them to be able to adjust to any shooting environment, whether it be during the daytime or at night. Other features include Haze Compensation, and Smart Shade Control features that aid in reducing the effects of haze and mist.

The Canon MS-500 comes with a price tag that matches its capabilities, at $25,200, and is scheduled to be made available in September 2023.