Can iPadOS 16 Really Turn Apple's iPad Tablet Into A Real Laptop Replacement?

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The popular iPad could be receiving an update along with iPadOS 16 that will make the tablet more like a laptop, and less like a phone. The multitasking interface is supposed to be getting a new design that will make it easier to see what apps are open and switch between them.

The iPad has been a very popular tablet of choice, with its closest rival being the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple's tablet has accounted for nearly 9% of annual sales for the tech giant, with that percentage seeing a slight increase in recent years. With hardware such as the same M1 chip as some of Apple's laptops, the iPad has been screaming for an updated OS that can unleash more of that power.

Apple is expected to announce several upgrades at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6th. One of those upgrades is believed to be an upgraded multitasking interface for the iPad. Currently users can either run apps in a full-screen view like on an iPhone, or run two apps beside one another. A third app can be utilized as a scaled-down version by sliding it over from the side.

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The new interface will allow users to see what apps are open and switch between them, as well as resize app windows. This should provide for a more "laptop-like" experience that many iPad owners have been clamoring for.

iOS 16, the next version of software for the iPhone, has several changes planned as well. This includes a new lock screen featuring widgets, according to Bloomberg. A refresh to the Health app and new audio and social-networking features to messages are also expected.

The Apple Watch has changes coming to its watch faces, system navigation and several of the wearable device's apps. A low-power mod will help users to get more battery life out of their watch when the battery is running low.

It is worth noting that while these upgrades are expected to be announced on June 6th at the conference, most updates won't occur until sometime in the fall. If you are part of the developer program, you should be looking for the release of initial beta versions in the coming week, with public betas beginning sometime next month.

Top Image Credit: Apple