Can Internet Searches Hinder Your Career?

Just about everyone throughout history has made at least a couple of bad choices when they were growing up.  There might have been a period of shame (especially if friends and family knew) but eventually the shame and the event were behind them.

The major difference for people growing up in the digital age is that they have to contend with the internet acting as a living history book that might record some of these mistakes in the form of a blog, or on an entry on a site such as MySpace. 

Generations prior to this could be reasonably assured that a drunken streak would not be something a potential employer might find out about even the next week, whereas the youth of today might even find it humorous to put a video of the event online for all to see and share.  They also might leave it on there for extended lengths of time  Here's a tidbit from the article itself with an interesting question:
"An international retailer finds a great candidate to head up its store in Shanghai. But a bit of last-minute Googling turns up information about political activism against the Chinese government. Should she still get the job?

That's a case study posed by the Harvard Business Review. As blogger danah boyd points out, similar situations are increasingly coming up for workers in the millennial generation, and their potential employers."
For 20-somethings fresh out of college the big question might be whether or not some potentially embarrassing information on the web might be used to stop or slow their career advancement at some point.
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