Can 80 Gigs Save Playstation3 Sales?

Sony's powerful gaming console with the semi-lackluster sales, the Playstation 3, is being upgraded to include an 80 gigabyte hard-drive in South Korea. It's currently being offered with a 60 gigabyte drive. It's unclear whether that means the more powerful offering is destined to be offered elsewhere anytime soon.

"Increasing capacity for models is one of the options," said Satoshi Fukuoka, spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "We make such decisions depending on the needs of the market, and every country is different."

The 80-gigabyte version will start selling June 16 in South Korea, where online games are enormously popular and broadband connections are more widespread, Fukuoka said. Broadband can enhance some games, and players can also download features for games from the Internet.