Call Of Duty Oktoberfest DLC Replaces Bullets With Beer, Lets You Rock Lederhosen

cod oktoberfest topimage
When older gamers think of Call of Duty, they probably recall Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and screeching 10 year-olds on Xbox Live. The thing is, that game came out in 2007. Those same screeching ten-year-olds are now beer-chugging 24-year-olds, and it's a fair bet that a lot of them are still playing Call of Duty. Upcoming title CoD:Vanguard is on the horizon—slated for release November 5—but the big titles in that franchise right now are still the free-to-play battle royale CoD: Warzone and its shared-progress sibling CoD: Black Ops Cold War, both created by a coalition of developers headed by Raven Software.

Never let it be said that Raven doesn't know its audience. For those who are missing out on an in-person Oktoberfest for whatever reason, the company has released the Tracer Pack: Oktoberfest Bundle for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. If you're unaware, Oktoberfest is a two-week-plus celebration of classical Bavarian culture that prominently includes the conspicuous consumption of copious amounts of beer. So it goes, then, that the Oktoberfest Bundle for Call of Duty includes brown and green lederhosen skins for the operator Beck, beer-themed weapon blueprints for the XM4, AK-47U, and ballistic knife, and several other customization items including a charm, a watch and two emblems.

Using one of the two firearm blueprints included in the pack will replace the affected weapon's standard projectile tracers with "beer bullets". That's right: wherever you shoot, a smushed beer can will pop out, showering the area with a splash of beer. You can see the effect in action, as well as how the other cosmetics actually look in-game, in this video from YouTube channel Elvis COD:

If this sounds to you like exactly the perfect way to celebrate Oktoberfest, you can pick up the pack on PlayStations both 4 and 5, Xboxes both One and Series, and Windows PCs for 2400 Call of Duty points, which equates to about $20 USD. PC gamers, don't go looking on Steam; the most recent Call of Duty titles are only available using Activision-Blizzard's own delivery service.