Call Of Duty Warzone's Newest Bug Turns Gamers Into Invisible Killing Machines

Call of Duty: Warzone
What would you do if you could be invisible? Actually, it is probably best if you do not answer that question. There is no such magical elixir of transparency anyway, though the recently released Cold War Season One update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare carries with it a glitch that allows players to wander around completely unseen and immune to most damage. Uh oh.

As you can imagine, this has led to some hilarious hijinks. Well, I say it is hilarious from an outside perspective looking in—for those on the receiving end of being battered to death with blunt force trauma from an unseen foe, I suppose it is not actually all that funny. The clips, however, are amusing, like this one where it is likened to a haunted house...
The poor fellows stood no chance, not unless they just fire blindly in all directions hoping to score a kill. However, being invisible obviously grants a person the ultimate element of surprise. Here is another example of the glitch in action...

Yeah, good luck contending with that. Notice hot the non-transparent players are totally confused at the situation, at least until they get a chance to go into spectator mode. So, why is this happening? Is it something Activision purposely built into the game?

Of course not (well, I hope not). The Season One update added an attack helicopter to the mix, and if a player crashes while using the helicopter's minigun, they apparently become invisible and can wander the map wreaking unseen havoc. They are also mostly immune to damage, save for some exceptions, like getting run over by a vehicle. Explosions are an invisible person's kryptonite as well.
This is a showstopper and, as comical as it is, it amounts to cheating (if done on purpose, anyway). I'm sure the developers are hard at work getting this sorted out. In the meantime, you can bet more videos will find their way to forums and social media sites highlighting the exploit. Whether this leads to bans or not, that remains to be seen.