Destiny 2 Dev Bungie 'Truly Sorry' For Final Shape DLC Launch Debacle

hero destiny 2 final shape
Bungie has issued a response to complaints about Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion following its launch with an apology to gamers on Reddit. Players of the long-awaited DLC took to Reddit and social media, saying they had been missing entire cut scenes because of an apparent error, and were also running into server issues, among other annoyances.

The Final Shape will wrap up close to 10 years’ worth of storytelling, as the player embarks on an epic journey into the heart of the Traveler, to end the War of Light and Darkness. With fans of the game ready to start the journey, many immediately began running into issues. After a barrage of complaints began rolling in on Bungie’s Reddit account, the team decided to reach out and apologize.

The Reddit post began with Bungie remarking, “Hey everyone, if connection issues have blocked you from playing or enjoying The Final Shape today, we want to apologize.” The response added that the team was working hard to remedy all the issues as quickly as possible.

The Reddit post came after a bunch of players began posting the woes they were running into. One commenter on Reddit posted, “I was wondering why the pacing felt so weird until I realized I had missed 2 entire cutscenes and had to look them up.” The post continued, “Like I understand and sympathize with server instability, but it feels so bad for the story experience to be harmed this much.”

A reply to the post above remarked, “Can’t even start the third mission. Just got booted to orbit. Reload to campfire. Booted to orbit.” While another posted, “What’s funny is, if you go literally anywhere else, like the helm, you get a pop up saying the campaign is supposed to be played as a single cohesive cinematic story, and that doing anything else will break the flow. Ironic isn’t it?”

In Bungie’s apology post, the company added, “Upon launching the game, we noticed network related sign on issues related to failure in our load balancer machines. We were forced to route traffic around them and partially mitigated this issue within 2 hours of launch.”

Bungie closed out the post remarking, “We built The Final Shape to be an exciting, cathartic story-driven adventure for everyone to enjoy. We’re truly sorry for connection issues and instability getting in the way of that experience, and we promise to keep working until these issues are resolved.”

If anyone has attempted to play The Final Shape DLC, and has run into any issues while playing, let us know in the comments. Hopefully, Bungie will resolve all the issues soon so that players can focus on enjoying what they have waited so long for.