Bungie Announces Sparrow Racing League For Destiny Players, Special Bikes And Kit For PS4

sparrow racing league
Destiny fans have been craving this forever, and it looks like the folks at Bungie are finally ready to oblige. Bungie announced today that it will unleash Sparrow racing onto gamers starting Tuesday, December 8th.

The Sparrow is typically used within Destiny to help Guardians quickly dash from one side of a map to another. However, the newly formed Sparrow Racing League will allow you to compete against five other players in the ultimate death race on the planets Venus and Mars.

In order to get started in the Sparrow Racing League once the update goes live, you’ll have to meet up with Amanda Holiday in the Tower. She will take on the role as Quartermaster for the festivities and provide you with quests and bounties so that you can get on your way.

The good news is that the Sparrow Racing League is open to all owners of Destiny: The Taken King. If you’re still rocking just the original Destiny, you’ll want to upgrade in the next few days to take advantage of this new mode of play. You’ll also be able to earn new loot like new Sparrows and swanky gear to show off to your gaming friends.

The bad news is that it appears as the the competitive league will only be open for three weeks. And while the Sparrow Racing League was announced during the PlayStation Experience for the PS4, we have the sneaking suspicion that it will also be available to Xbox One users as well — but don’t hold us to that…