Brussels Sprouts Disagreement About Vista Security

Microsoft's Vista OS is going to almost instantly transform the market for all things OS, if the market share of all the other Windows operating systems is anything to go by. Businesses like Symantec and McAfee have made tidy little businesses out of protecting people from holes in Windows security. Well, they think they've been frozen out of a chance to offer virus and firewall protection for Vista, and they don't like it. And they took a full page ad out in The Financial Times to say so:

McAfee, Symantec (SYMC.O: Quote, Profile, Research) and other security software companies argue Microsoft's new Vista operating system will make it more difficult to protect customers because for the first time, they have been denied access to the core of the operating system. Neither company has filed a formal complaint and so far the European Commission has taken no formal action on the matter.

Microsoft was on the losing end of a decision from the European Commission over holding a monopoly on their OS already. Their competitors hope success in forcing Microsoft's hand before will enable them to get Microsoft to let them see their kernel, or end up in the clink this time, too.

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