Broadcom's Got The 3G Goin' On... One Chip

California based Broadcom has released a new microprocessor for mobile phones, suitable for so-called 3G, or third generation mobile phone standards. Their "phone on a chip" incorporates the cellphone band, a radio receiver, an FM radio receiver, and is Bluetooth enabled too.

Industry watchers say the chip is likely to give Broadcom a leg up on its biggest rivals, including San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc., Germany’s Infineon Technologies AG and Dallas-based Texas Instruments Inc.

“With what we believe is more than a full year's lead over similar competing products, this new (third-generation) solution should place Broadcom squarely at the head of the hyper-competitive 3G chip race," said Yossi Cohen, general manager of Broadcom's mobile platforms group.

The good news: Wall Street likes it. Broadcom rose 4% yesterday in a down market. The bad news: They're still stuck in Irvine.

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