Boxee Software Updates Are Coming, They Promise!

Boxee is a force, and it's a force that perhaps no one can stop. A bit dramatic? Yes, but anyone who has used the service might just agree. With a Boxee Box already on store shelves, it's time to focus on those who provide their own box, and that's exactly what head-man Avner Ronen is doing. He just announced that PC, Mac and Linux users can look forward to a downloadable software update this fall, which will bring an updated browser, improved playback, and lots more content that are currently available on the Boxee Box.

He even admits that he understands the frustration around Boxee software updates. He even goes to great lengths in order to explain that the company has been focused intently on meeting Boxee Box deadlines, and that has caused them to sidestep the pure software angle for some time. Now that the Box is out, things are different. Here's his direct quote: "We are going to release an update for the downloadable version this fall, and hope to keep it more up to speed with the CE version going forward. We also hope to make the open source version of the downloadable version easier to use for people who want to build out their own versions of Boxee. That said, updates for the downloadable version will most likely lag behind the versions of Boxee for devices."

So, it's surely refreshing to hear the man at the top talk positively about Boxee software updates, and if you've been one of those folks complaining, at least now you have an assurance that you're being considered from the inside.