Both Apple, AT&T Sell Out of iPhone 4s

Those concerned that AT&T's servers would be hopelessly overwhelmed on Wednesday, as they were on Tuesday, when iPhone 4 pre-orders went live, need not be concerned. They are sold out, not just from AT&T, but from Apple.

It had earlier been reported on Tuesday that AT&T had sold out of its allotment of the iPhone 4, Apple's latest version of its smartphone. Apple usually keeps a far higher number of these for itself, but despite that, Apple has sold out of its supply, as well. Its store website info now reads, "delivery by July 2nd," meaning all those black iPhone 4s allocated for the June 24th launch day are exhausted.

The sell-out occurred despite the fact that for much of the day on Tuesday, AT&T's servers were overwhelmed by demand, although much of the fault was of their own making. AT&T had reportedly installed a database upgrade over the weekend, and because of some issues, had not fully tested the change. This, of course, casts another pall over Apple's BFF: what company in their right mind would make such a change so near an important launch date?

It seems other partners are out of stock as well. Radio Shack's Twitter account posted the bad news only 90 minutes after pre-orders began:
#iPhone4 requests have ended due to overwhelming customer response. More launch details to come #shackiphones
This doesn't mean you can't get an iPhone 4 on June 24th. It does mean you either have to stand-in line at a retailer such as Wal-mart on launch day or like white iPhones. For some unknown reason, the white iPhone 4 was not available for pre-order on Tuesday, and is still not at the time of this writing. If Apple allows pre-ordering for that devices, the floodgates (and server pressure) will be open again, at least for those who like white.
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