Watch Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog Retrofitted For Beer Delivery Via Precision Pee Blast

Boston Dynamics Spot
Whatever plans you might have today, carve out around 16 minutes of your time to watch to a hilarious YouTube video that will be the greatest thing you view today, this week, and maybe even all month. What has us so excited? It's a dog that seeks out red Solo cups and then pees beer into them. Like, for real. What the hell kind of breed is that? The robotic breed, of course!

Trust us, there's no living, breathing dog that can urinate delicious beer into a cup. You're free to sample all the dog pee you want, but we highly recommend against it. If that is something you are really interested in, you'll need to procure Spot, the agile robotic canine developed by Boston Dynamics, and then get busy modding and coding.

It's a lot of work, as YouTube star Michael Reeves outlines in video. After trying in vain to get his hands on a Spot robot in the early going, Reeves was finally able to obtain one after it was made publicly available. And as he had been planning for a while at that point, having grown frustrated at Boston Dynamics ignoring him, he trained it to pee beer as a gag. Have a watch...

***NSFW - Language***

It took some clever engineering and programming to train Spot in such a manner. What Reeves eventually settled on was having the robot seek out the brightest pixels recorded with its camera, to distinguish the white interior of a Solo cup. To get around the camera being confused by a Solo cup sitting on a white floor, he modded spot to beam light on the surroundings, which effectively takes advantage of the inverse square law in physics.

The result? It works flawless! Well, 35 percent of the time, anyway. As demonstrated in the video, the pee has a tendency to splatter and miss the mark on occasion (hey, it happens when you're full of beer—been there, done that!). Spot would also sometimes slip on the mess it made on the floor (no comment).

So, it's not perfect. But whatever—Pissbot 9000, as it's been named, is a humorous twist on a robot that Boston Dynamics developed with more serious intentions. Spot was even recently shown assisting the French army in combat training. After that, we reckon it earned itself a cold brew.