Watch How Boston Dynamics Robots Will Do Fortnite Victory Dances Over Our Fleshy Human Corpses

boston dynamics robots dancing
Boston Dynamics has long impressed us with its robotic creations, from the adorable Spot robot dog to the humanoid-like Atlas. Good ol' Spot is now a commercial product, and is available for anyone with enough coin ($74,500 to be exact) to purchase one; heck, it will even fetch you a beer. Atlas, on the other hand, has impressed us with its gymnastic skills and its calm demeanor even when abused by its human handlers.

Now Boston Dynamics' family of robots is having some fun to celebrate the close of 2020. Spot and Atlas were joined by their oddball sibling Handle to shake their booties on the dance floor to "Do You Love Me" by The Contours. The video starts off impressive enough with just a single Atlas showing its incredible dexterity while busting out some sweet dance moves that would have made the late Patrick Swayze envious.

However, as the routine progresses, the camera pulls back to show that another twin Atlas is dancing along with the first one as they show off their synchronized and fresh rug-cutting ways. And as this robotic soul train continues to roll, Spot saunters in to join in on the fun with the distinct flare that only rover can bring. 

Finally, Handle rolls into view while shaking its rump in the process -- literally. This is probably the closest thing we'll see to a robot twerking, despite how disturbing that might sound. With that being said, the video is good for nearly 3 minutes of ear-to-ear grin-fest, so be prepared.

It's all fun and games in the headline above of course, but you have to admit the skills on display here are just a little funky-freaky. 

In recent weeks, Boston Dynamics was acquired by an unlikely company: Hyundai Motor Group. Hyundai Motor Group is better known for its Hyundai/Kia vehicles here in the United States, but it decided to spend $1.1 billion to purchase Boston Dynamics, which was first founded in 1992. Since that time, the company has changed hands a few times, with its most recent [previous] owners being Google and SoftBank.