Borderlands 3 One Punch Man Easter Egg: Where To Find This Deadly Shotgun

Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump Shotgun
Easter eggs abound in Borderlands 3, and it can be highly satisfying finding them—both in the discovery and in the subsequent themed loot, often in relation to geek culture (like the Rick and Morty boss fight). One of the more recent discoveries is the One Punch Man boss, in reference to the superhero in Japanese anime.

Finding and defeating One Punch Man rewards players with a legendary weapon, the One Pump Chump Shotgun. First, however, you need to track down the mini boss and defeat him. So, where can One Punch Man be found?

Fortunately, he is pretty easy to find—he's in Lectra City on the planet Promethea. Heading through the doorway in the center of the Meridian Metroplex map is perhaps the quickest route. When you are in the city, go to the southwest corner of the area ahead of corridor, then head down the spiral staircase to an underground area. Here's a video that shows it precisely...

Once there, follow along to the left until you come to a hideaway with an open chain link fence. You will see a button on the far left, a lever that is also on the left, a wheel on the right, and another lever (also on the right). These need to be hit in the correct order...
  1. Left button
  2. Wheel
  3. Right lever
  4. Left lever
  5. Left lever (again)
That is the easy part. The slightly more tricky part is actually defeating One Punch Man. You will want to keep your distance and hit him with long ranged attack—if you get too close and he is able to land a hit with his gigantic arm, it's lights out, no matter what your level. Yes, he lives up to his name, if you let him. So, don't let him!

Borderlands 3 One Pump Chump Shotgun
Image Source: Reddit (lachylord)

Once you defeat him, he may drop the One Pump Chump Shotgun, if you are lucky. If not, you may need to leave the game and reload it, and try again. That can be a hassle, but it is potentially worth it—the legendary weapon deals out an insane amount of damage (it varies by your level), and has a 50 percent change of not consuming any ammo.

It's even deadlier when combined with certain skills. The legendary weapon is also fairly easy to get, in the grand scheme of things, it just might take repeated attempts.

Good luck!