Borderlands 3 Closed Door Demo Leak Exposes Weapons, Voice Actors, Co-Op And More

Borderlands fans are looking forward to the next entry in the series, Borderlands 3, which has been confirmed to launch on September 13, 2019. Fans who know they are going to buy the game can install a Twitch extension for their browser and earn loot in the game before it even launches. Fans of the game and those on the fence about pre-ordering might want more details to tide them over or help make a purchase decision, and some cool details have now leaked.

borderlands 3 screenshot

At E3 2019, a closed-door demo of the game was held, and some details of the game from that demo have started to surface, and they make Borderlands 3 sound fantastic. The game makes it easy to keep track of your friends, when they sell a weapon in Borderlands 3 you can see it and buy the weapon from a vendor even if you have never played co-op with that friend. IGN says that Rare Spawn enemies have a 20% chance to spawn and when one of your friends encounters a Rare Spawn enemy in the game, Borderlands 3 dynamically creates a mission in your game to go and take that enemy down.

Players who start a game solo and then decide they want to play with a friend can invite a friend to co-op mode at any time by using the in-game friends list. If your friend is there with you, a split-screen co-op mode is returning. Friends will also be allowed to trade items among each other even if your friend is offline. The demo also showed off some details on the character Moze.

One cool detail is that Mose's Iron Bear mech has a turret on the back that friends can jump on and use in the game. Among the upgrades in her skills tree is a Stainless Steel Bear skill that improves armor and fuel for the mech. Various weapons skills can chain damage and increase splash damage. On the voice actor front, one major change is Ray Chase replacing Troy Baker as the voice of Rhys. Check out the video above for more details on the game.