BMW Z4 M40i Will Finally Get A Manual Transmission In 2025 But It Won't Be Cheap

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BMW bean counters have finally relented—fans of the current BMW Z4 will be getting a pricier six-speed manual transmission option. It'll be part of a $3,500 package that also unlocks a couple of striking color options for the vehicle.

Teased late last year, the 2025 BMW Z4 will please drivers who still like to row their own gears (because this is a performance sports roadster, after all). BMW has released information on a "Handschalter" (German for "hand shift") package that adds a stick shifter to the 3.0 liter six-cylinder M40i. The transmission is closely related to the one found on the Toyota GR Supra, except that it's been given the M-car treatment with unique mechanicals and tuning.

It's no secret that both the current generation Z4 and Supra are practically fraternal twins, with co-developed internals and different outer shells. Both sides have long held back from offering manual transmissions, but it was the Japanese firm that caved first after receiving plenty of customer criticism. It might've taken a couple of extra model years for BMW to respond in kind, but fans can finally rejoice.

2025 BMW Z4 M40i Manual

So what can we expect from the "Handschalter" M40i besides its namesake? There will be two exterior green color options, namely San Remo Green and the BMW Individual program's fantastic matte Frozen Deep Green. Interior colors will get black and Cognac leather with black piping. BMW said that zero to 60 mph has decreased from 3.9 seconds in the auto to 4.2 seconds, although the engine's ratings stay put at 382 hp and 369 lb-ft, plus top speed limited at 155 mph. 

2025 BMW Z4 M40i Manua%20wheels

Note that the M40i is merely an M Performance product, but owners will get an M-tuned e-differential and sharper tuning for its steering and adaptive dampers. The manual will also sport a staggered 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheel setup,

The manual M40i will go on sale in the US beginning March 2024 as an extra $3,500 option. In the big scheme of things, that's a somewhat small drop in the bucket for a car that has a starting price of $55,000 (estimated), but it's an sad/natural turn of events where automatics used to be optional extras.