BMW Concept iX3 Crossover EV Touts 250-Mile Range, Will Fight Tesla Model X And Jaguar i-PACE

bmw ix3 concept 2
BMW has been experimenting with alternative powertrains for quite some time, and has offered vehicle like i8 sports carand the funky i3 whatchamacallit(which is available in fully-electric and range-extending variants). Now, the company is looking to bring an electrified version of its hot-selling X3 crossover to market, and it will be called the iX3.

The vehicle debuted in concept for today, and it retains the same basic shape as its gasoline-engined sibling. Most of the changes occur upfront where the twin kidney grille gives way to a version that sort of merges the two together. To our eyes, it reminds us a bit of a KIA grille, but we digress -- it's a false grille anyway given that this is an EV. There are also aero wheel affixed to the concept prototype along with a requisite charging port on the driver's side front fender. There are more subtle changes along the sides and rear of the vehicle and blue accents throughout the exterior.

bmw ix3 concept

What's most important, however, is the powertrain. In this case, the Concept iX3 has an electric motor under the hood (where the gasoline engine would typically reside) that generates 270 horsepower. A 70-kWh battery provides a driving range of 249 miles, which is based on the European Cycle. However, once translated into U.S. EPA figures, that number is sure to drop quite a bit. A fast-charging system is capable of taking an empty battery to an 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes.

bmw ix3 concept 3

The production version of the Concept iX3 will have some stiff competition once it hits streets around the year 2020. The Tesla Model X has been on the market for the past few years, and Jaguar will start selling its all-electric i-PACE crossover SUVin the United States later this year. We should also mention that German rivals Audi (e-tron quattro) and Mercedes-Benz also have electric SUVs in the pipeline, which will be due in a few year’s time.