BMW And Apple Reportedly In Talks To Develop Future Electric Vehicles

Apple might be the richest company on the planet, but it's not about to slow down on its quest for total market domination. It's constantly looking at new avenues to get into, and as we've been hearing about for a while, autos is one of them. It's hard at this point to picture a vehicle sharing the same badging as an iPhone, but as time passes, it begins to look more and more likely.

In a recent report, it was revealed that Apple, including CEO Tim Cook, paid a visit to BMW at its Leipzig factory. The intent was to have modest discussions about what could be possible, but nothing was agreed-upon there. One source claims that talks could continue again in the near-future.

7 series exterior 2

This is a bit of a complicated business for either Apple or BMW to get into - both specialize in different products, and both could use the help of the other to achieve their own goals easier. It's for this reason why it's being questioned whether Apple is working with BMW in any measure to gain an understanding of how it'd manufacture its own vehicles without the Bavarian company's help. Similarities are drawn to Steve Jobs' visit to Xerox in 1979. Five-years later, Apple announced its first Macintosh.

One thing's for certain: it's not easy for a vehicle maker to succeed on the mobile front's a company like Apple has, and the vice versa is true. Apple might have a lot of experience in the computer market, but that means little when it comes to producing a vehicle.

But, it's Apple we're talking about here, and if it does end up releasing its own vehicle (or vehicles), an immense about of effort and study is going to be put behind it.