Bluestacks Brings Android Emulation To Mac Users In New Beta Software

Emulation tools have been around nearly as long as modern-day operating systems and user interfaces. For years, users have been trying to figure out ways to run Program X on Operating System Y. Boot Camp, Parallels, you name it. Bluestacks has been a name thrown around all the more frequently in the emulation realm, and earlier this year, they launched a program that would let Windows users run Android apps right on their laptop or desktop.

Now, however, that same luxury is being passed along to avid Mac users. While a version of the software was previously available in Alpha form, a new Beta has been made available that promises to be much, much more stable. Basically, this allows you to run Flipboard and the newest Angry Birds right on your Mac. Over 700,00 Android apps, now available for use on your existing iMac or MacBook? Yeah, that's an idea we can get behind, and it's certainly about as cozy as you'll ever see Google and Apple. Did we mention that both the Mac and Windows versions are totally free to download?