Blizzard Warns Of Unprecedented Wait Times And Server Queues For Diablo IV Open Beta

diablo 4 hero
Got plans this weekend? If you intend to spend time playing the Diablo IV open beta, you might want to come up with a backup. Blizzard says you can expect "unprecedented" queue times thanks to all the other gamers who want to experience the next chapter in the Diablo universe.

This will be the second taste of the latest Diablo title—last weekend featured the early access beta, which had its fair share of waiting in queues. We saw a few screenshots showing about an hour wait to get on a server during early access. If this weekend's traffic is going to be unprecedented, the wait times will spin your head.

The open beta runs from March 24-26, beginning at noon EDT on the 24th. People were already lining up the instant the doors opened, and yes, the wait times are up there. Early reports around the internet show wait times around an hour, but a few have seen much more reasonable queue times of around 30 minutes. Keep in mind this is still smack in the middle of the workday for many in the US and wait times will probably be much longer this afternoon and evening.

The early access weekend only included Barbarian, Sorceress, and Rogue classes, but the open beta adds Necromancer and Druid. So, even players who experienced the test last weekend will have reason to replay it this weekend. There won't be new content in the beta, though. You're still limited to the Prologue, Act 1, and Fractured Peaks. That should be enough to keep beta players busy for a couple of days until the beta ends.
The early access weekend was only for those who pre-ordered the game, but the "open" in open beta is for real. Anyone can head over to the Diablo IV site to get started. On the PC, you'll use BattleNet. Meanwhile, console gamers will find links to the Sony and Microsoft landing pages.

Last weekend's test was tough to get into at first, but congestion eased later in the weekend. Giving everyone a chance to play without purchasing during the open beta could keep the queue long all weekend. If you can suffer through the queue and reach level 20 during the beta, you'll get a unique cosmetic for your character that remains accessible in the final game. Diablo IV launches for real on June 6th.