Blizzard Sued By Botting Program Creator

Some of you may play World of Warcraft, and out of that bunch we're sure some of you have also heard about Glide, one of the "botting" programs used by many folks to power level their characters, and amass staggering amounts of gold. Glide is strictly against the WoW terms of service, and folks caught using the system can face permanent account bans. The creators of such software, you would assume, would be trying to avoid the folks over at Blizzard, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

"WoW Glider's complaint suggests Blizzard has been attempting to strong-arm them into stopping distribution based on alleged copyright and DMCA violation -- and WoW Glider's makers are jumping in with the first lawsuit, which (and, no, I am not a lawyer) seems to be asserting their rights to distribute WoW Glider and telling Blizzard to back off. Lawyers and non-lawyers can read the full text of the complaint and chime in with your own opinions below."