Blink Blink ICE Tower Cooler Claims To Lower Your Raspberry Pi Temps By 40C

blink tower rpi 4
The Raspberry Pi 4 launched just a few months ago in late June, and represented the most powerful extension of the single-board PC concept to-date. The performance of the quad-core Broadcom BCM2711 Cortex-A72 SoC means that users can expect an increase in heat generated; especially when the system is overclocked.

Although it seems a little comical to think of people overclocking a RPi, there are plenty of enthusiasts out there that need to eke out every last bit of performance for their applications. That's where the Blink Blink ICE Tower Fan comes into play. The cooler features a beefy radiator along with 5mm copper tubes and a 58mm fan. And in what is a bit of an overindulgence for a RPi, the maker of the ICE Tower Fan, 52Pi, outfitted it with RGB lighting effects.

Given that this is some pretty stout cooling hardware for what is typically a relatively low-power platform, 52Pi is making some pretty big claims with respect to performance. In the test video above, idle temps were captured along with temps from running video in Chromium at 720p -- with and without the cooler attached.

At idle without a cooler attached, the Raspberry Pi 4 hit 54 degrees Celsius compared to 30 degrees Celsius with the Blink  Ice Tower Fan attached (23 degrees Celsius ambient temperature). In the most extreme test, which maxed out all four cores for 20 minutes, the Raspberry Pi 4 reached temperatures of 80C, while the Ice Tower Fan maxed out at 42C during the same 20-minute period.

blink tower rpi 4 2

Those are impressive numbers for sure, but we have to take into account the Blink Bink Ice Tower Fan is absolutely massive, and takes away from what makes the Raspberry Pi 4 so attractive in the first place -- its powerful punch in a pint-sized package. If you need to squeeze a Raspberry Pi 4 into a tiny enclosure with little room for cooling, perhaps a low-profile aluminum heatsink would be your best bet. But if you have the space, or just want to completely bling-out your system, then the Blink Blink Ice Tower Fan seems like a nice solution.

The Blink Blink Ice Tower Fan is priced at $19.90 and comes with mounting hardware that will allow it to attach to a RPi 3 Model B, RPi 3 Model B+ or RPi 4. You can purchase the cooler today using the following link.