BlackBerry Classic Pre-order Inventory Already Sold Out In North America

BlackBerry, or the company formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), if you prefer, is banking on its BlackBerry Classic handset being a hit as the Canadian company looks to regain solid footing in the mobile space. So far, so good -- the blast-from-the-past smartphone is winning favor among BlackBerry users, both new and old, who have collectively depleted the company of its pre-order stock.

If you head over to the BlackBerry Classic's product page, it still shows the pre-order button, but clicking it in hopes of scoring one in time for Christmas is a surefire way of being disappointed. There just aren't any more BlackBerry Classic devices to sell at the moment.

BlackBerry Classic

"We're sorry but BlackBerry Classic (pre-order) is currently out of stock and cannot be added to your card. We apologize for your any inconvenience," BlackBerry says.

Those of you who managed to get your pre-order placed before BlackBerry ran out of stock should see the handset soon -- BlackBerry says shipping is expected to start in mid-December, which is exactly where we are on the calendar.

After losing ground to Android and iOS in the mobile space, and more recently, falling behind Windows Phone, BlackBerry decided to go back to its roots by offering the Classic, a throwback to what made BlackBerry a popular option to begin with. It's a mixing of old school design with new school features, as the company attempts to offer the best of both worlds.