Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Is Crashing Xbox One X Consoles In Blackout Mode

Some Xbox gamers who received a shiny new Xbox One X for Christmas and a copy of Black Ops 4 have discovered something very annoying. Reports have surfaced that the game on the Xbox One X console is crashing when players near the end of a match. Treyarch has now stepped up and confirmed the problem and says that it is actively working on a fix for the crash issue. This isn't the first complaint from gamers that Treyarch has had to address. In October it also had to confront complaints about server performance.


Treyarch took to Twitter to try and calm owners of the game facing the crash issue. Treyarch said that it was aware of an "intermittent freeze issue during late-game play in Blackout." It continued stating that it was actively investigating the problem and would roll out an update as soon as a resolution was available.

Treyarch confirmed the crash bug via Twitter after hoards of gamers took to the web to beg for a fix with videos and memes. There is no indication of what is causing the crash bug, but some of the people complaining online state that it happened after updating the game with the latest update that landed December 11.