Biostar X570 Racing GT8 AMD Ryzen 3000 Zen 2 Motherboard Leaks Early

Biostar Motherboards
Motherboard makers can hardly contain their excitement over the pending launch of AMD's next-generation Ryzen 3000 series of desktop processors, which will be accompanied by a new X570 chipset. Biostar in particular is chomping at the bit (or champing, if you prefer). A publicly available PDF document on the company's website spills the beans on one of the company's upcoming X570 motherboards, the Racing X570 GT8.

Separately, Biostar is sending emails to members of the press inviting them to stop by its booth at Computex next month to check out is latest product offerings. According to the email, Biostar plans to unveil "new flagship 4th gen Racing series motherboards as well as 5G gaming solutions, AMD RX series graphics cards, latest SSDs, and smart home & industrial PCs."

We already know that X570 motherboards are on tap—AMD and its partners have not been secretive about this—but might Biostar also be planning to unveil new graphics cards based on AMD's Navi GPU architecture? That remains to be seen. We know AMD is, at the very least, planning to talk about Navi at Computex, but it's not yet clear if an actual launch is imminent.

Biostar X570

Getting back to the motherboard, the Racing X570 GT8 utilizes AMD's tried-and-true AM4 socket. By the looks of the specs in the PDF, which was spotted by Videocardz, this is a higher-end model with a 12-phase power design and all-solid capacitors, and presumably will offer overclocking controls in the BIOS.

The board further supports up to DDR4-4000MHz (OC) memory. Bear in mind that a recent leak pointed to Ryzen 3000 series CPUs supporting up to DDR4-5000MHz speeds, though that will be dependent on specific boards (and hitting that speed won't be easy, we imagine).

Other features of this particular model include three PCI Express x16 slots and three PCI Express x1 slots; mini DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D outputs; six SATA and three M.2 ports for storage devices; onboard 8-channel audio; and a host of front and rear USB connectivity options.

Like its predecessor, the Racing X470 GT8, the new X570 will sport dual BIOSes. It's an interesting set of features, particularly from Biostar, which many people equate with budget offerings. However, Biostar has also maintained an enthusiast line over the years, of which the Racing X570 GT8 falls under.

Look for an official announcement at Computux in a few weeks.