Biostar Teases AMD X570 Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 Racing Series Motherboards Ahead Of Computex 2019

Biostar is getting itself prepared for an onslaught of AMD Zen 2-based Ryzen processors, which are expected to be announced at Computex 2019 next month. In an official press release that was posted today, Biostar confirmed its fourth-generation RACING series motherboards with are going to underpin the "new AMD Ryzen platform."

Biostar's motherboards would no doubt be based on AMD's new X570 chipset, which supports all existing (and future) AM4 processors. X570 motherboards will natively support all the features of Ryzen 3000 processors and will also bring support for PCI Express Gen 4. It should be noted that the new Ryzen 3000 processors will still be supported on older motherboards (i.e. X470), but they might not perform optimally.

biostar x570 1

AMD's Ryzen 3000 series of desktop processors -- not to be confused with Ryzen 3000 APUs -- are built on 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. The move to a the 7nm process node -- while Intel is still moseying along at 14nm -- is expected to bring with it a power efficiency uplift, higher clock speeds, increased instructions per clock (IPC), and perhaps an increase in core counts.

While current Ryzen 2000 Series processors (Zen+, 12nm) top out with 8 cores, it's been rumored that the Ryzen 3000 Series will be available with up to 12 physical cores (24 threads), which was previously reserved for Ryzen Threadripper HEDT processors. In a post CES keynote interview, AMD CEO Lisa Su even hinted as much, stating, "You might expect that we will have more than eight cores." Adding further fuel to the fire is that benchmark listings for a 12-core, 24-thread AM4 processor have been spotted in recent months.

If the Ryzen 3000 desktop processors and X570 platform are indeed announced next month, it's likely that the products won't go on sale until early July. In fact, it's been tipped the Ryzen 3000 processors and X570 motherboards will launch on July 7th alongside Radeon Navi graphics cards.