BIOS Flashing, SATA RAID & Other Goodness.

Good afternoon folks! I apologize for the lack of updates the last couple of days. We haven't forgotten about you; we've just got something urgent going on here at HotHardware that needs the attention of the whole staff. Here's some quick links to keep you busy for a while...

*The Motherboard BIOS Flashing Guide @ RojakPot:

"Reputable motherboard manufacturers constantly improve on their motherboard BIOS and regularly release BIOS updates. These BIOS updates are important because they correct bugs and sometimes provide additional capabilities.

Today, we will take a look at BIOS flashing for the motherboard. We will take an in-depth look at what the motherboard BIOS is, why it should be flashed and how to do it. If you want to learn about flashing your BIOS, this is the guide for you! ?

*Southbridge SATA/RAID Comparison @ TBreak:

"All of the four major chipset manufacturers have support for Serial ATA and RAID built in their chipsets. Intel has their ICH5 while VIA has their VT8237 with SiS not far behind with their 964. With their latest nForce3 model, nVidia has also joined the party. All of these chipsets have built-in support for Serial-ATA as well as RAID.  We though it would be a good idea to compare the performance of these chipsets with SATA drives in regular and RAID modes. Thus, we took a pair of the fastest SATA drives- the Western Digital Raptors and benchmarks them with boards based on each of these chipset."

*Bytecc's Hotdrive 2.5" Mobile HD @

"Most USB flash drives on the market max out at 1 to 2 gigabytes, but what if you need more storage space? You could buy two flash drives but there is another alternative. For less than the price of two 1 or 2 gig flash drives you could get a mobile hard drive with an external enclosure. Today we take a look at one such enclosure from Bytecc, their Hotdrive 2.5"
Mobile Hard Drive."

*Albatron FX5900 XTV @ Legit Reviews:

"The Albatron FX5900 XTV is a very worthy card and should be considered if you are looking for a gaming graphics solution with an upper-to-mid-range price point. As with most FX5900XT's, the package is the determining factor for which brand you will go with, and Albatron knows this. They have put together a package that anyone looking for a VIVO solution should consider."

*Raidmax Cobra Gaming Case @ System Cooling:

"Not long ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Raidmax Scorpio case. That case provided a good level of modification such as lights and a window, while providing some nice tech touches such as lots of room for drives and lots of fan mounting points. Today, I'm going to look at the latest offering from Raidmax, the Cobra. Raidmax is referring to this case as their "New Generation Gaming Case". Let's dig in and get a look at the goods!"

Check back later!  Something tells me you'll be amazed at what you see!


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