Billboard Revamps Website To Incorporate Spotify, Rdio, And MySpace Players

The music business is a drastically different one now than it was even a decade ago. Slowly but surely, many entities tied to the record and music industry are shifting to take the new realities into account, and this week, Billboard announced that it would do likewise. The new finally gets with the Internet age, acknowledging music streaming as a major component to what's hot and trending. The company has added playable charts into the mix, with one-click access to hit playlists using Spotify, MySpace or Rdio players. There's also the opportunities to watch recent videos via VEVO, and easily use the Web to sift through 180,000 archival charts.

It's doubtful that streaming music will ever truly take the place of radio and conventional record sales, but there's no question that services like MOG, Spotify, Pandora and Rhapsody have made a dent in things. And now, your Top 40 takes all of that stuff into account. Isn't technology wonderful?